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January 2016

Something to Consider When Purchasing Discount Safety Gear

 by safetygearexpress on 03 Jan 2016 |
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  Something to Consider When Purchasing Discount Safety Gear   If you are like me and most business owners, you are probably always looking for ways to save money. That is a commendable trait, but do you really want to be the one who buys discount safety gear to reduce expenses that perhaps contributes to workplace accidents instead of preventing them?   When you purchase safety gear or workwear apparel at a discount, you really need to check and see why they are discounted. It may be due to overstock which is great if you are getting high quality workwear and safety equipment supplies at a reduced price. Another acceptable reason is that you are buying in bulk and get wholesale workwear prices for that reason.   When I hear the word "discount" I instantly think of china seconds. China is a high-quality product that is usually expensive because of its craftsmanship. If the dishes don't meet the high quality values of the line, they are sold as seconds at a reduced price because they are second quality items that are "slightly imperfect".   When it comes to discount safety gear, safety equipment supplies and workwear apparel, I honestly don't want second quality and I don't want it to be imperfect in any way. After all, we are dealing with the health and safety of the workforce – perfect quality is of high importance. When purchasing safety products in Australia, it is vital that the products meet the Australian safety standards. That is the primary reason that we chose to carry Prime Mover work wear apparel here at Safety Gear Express.   Prime Mover work wear apparel is tested and approved to meet the Australian safety standards.  It is very important that work wear clothing and safety equipment supplies meet safety standards.  There are a lot of safety gear and work wear distributors that claim to be distributing safety work wear that is not safety tested and approved, so that is something to be aware of when buying work wear clothing and safety gear.   As a purchaser of safety products, you have the responsibility to assure that the products you buy are truly safe and that they meet safety standards. At the same time, you are most likely working with a budget. When you purchase safety products from Safety Gear Express you can rest assured that you are getting great prices for high quality workwear that meets safety standards.            
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